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On National Children’s Day, take time out to give your kids your full attention

As a parent, every day is kids’ day. But on June 9, it’s official. National Children's Day is an annual reminder of the important role children play in society and the stresses and strains some youngsters face in the modern world.

All aspects of mental and physical welfare are spotlighted, whilst the day is also about reminding busy parents to spend time with their kids, as these precious moments not only create bonds but will also be lifelong treasures.

The idea of a day to honor kids dates back to 1857. And, while the date has changed, the mission to celebrate all facets of childhood has not.

So, slow down for a bit, talk to your kids, spend time with them, preferably outdoors without a screen in sight, and encourage them to engage. With a bit of luck, you might just make some memories.

To mark National Children’s Day, watch the video to see a globetrotting couple’s tips on traveling with kids

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